How to Hire a Stand Up Comedian for a Corporate Event

Comedian Eric O'Shea at the Creative Emmy Awards

When you are looking for unique entertainment for your corporate event, a stand-up comedian is always a great option. Not only will they have your guests and employees laughing the night away, but they will also leave them with something to think about long after the event has ended. So, how do you go about hiring one of these talented professionals? Here are a few steps to follow to get you started.


Step one: Determine what type of comedian you would like

Are you looking for a clean corporate comedian with the material your employees can relate to? Or someone with a more edgy style that will have your guests laughing all night long? Once you know what type of comedian you are looking for, the search becomes much easier.


Step two: Consider their message

Does the comedian have a good message that is inspirational and/or insightful? You want to make sure you are hiring someone that will not only entertain your guests but also leave them with something to think about.


Step three: Experience matters

You should choose a comedian that has a lot of experience. The last thing you want is for your event to be the comedian’s first gig. You want someone who is comfortable on stage and can handle any situation that may come up.


Step four: Check their reviews

One of the best ways to determine if a comedian is worth hiring is by reading reviews from past clients. If they consistently earn standing ovations, that is a good sign that they are worth booking.


Step five: Ask about their viral content

There is a good chance that you have seen some of your favorite comedians go viral on social media. Comedians who have a lot of online success are typically those with the most experience. If you want to make sure your event is one for the history books, hire a comedian that has gone viral.

You can also ask about their traditional television content. Have they been on popular shows like America’s Got Talent? Ask about their television credits as well. Usually, if someone has been on broadcast television, then their content should be suitable for audiences of all kinds.


Step six: Reach Out to the Comedian or Their Representation

Does the comedian have a website that enables you to reach out to them? Go to their contact page and inquire there. You can also reach out to an agency that books comedians. They can help you identify the best comedian for you.

Do your research and be sure to ask the comedians you are considering for references. With these tips in mind, you are sure to find the perfect stand-up comedian for your next event!


Unique entertainment that will leave guests talking for months

That is what you can expect when you hire a stand-up comedian! These professionals know how to entertain an audience and keep them laughing from beginning to end. You’ll create a strong relatable environment that your co-workers will remember forever.


If you Want to Comedian for your Corporate Event, You can Start Here!

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