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The Campus Legend Award was established to honor and acknowledge the Associate Members of NACA who have demonstrated long-standing commitment to college and university campus entertainment. The honorees are among those Associate Members who have made a lasting impacting in the realm of campus activities and college and university edu-tainment, without the advantage of the Hollywood notoriety.


Read Eric's Book

Embark on a laughter-filled journey with 'The Richest Comedian You've Never Heard Of', a candid and captivating book by award-winning comedian Eric O'Shea. Spanning over three decades in comedy, O'Shea takes you from his humble beginnings to the heights of his unexpected success. This book is more than just a collection of hilarious road stories and college comedy fundamentals - it's an insightful exploration into the philosophy of life through the lens of humor. O'Shea's unique perspective will have you both laughing and pondering the deeper aspects of life, making it an engaging read for anyone who loves comedy or is simply seeking a fresh outlook on life. Grab your copy today and get ready to see the world from the eyes of a comedian!

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