Mid America Computer Corp

Mid-America Computer Corp

“Hilarious!” “So funny!” “My sides hurt from laughing!” “Bring him back!!” …just a small sampling of the comments we’ve received since your double performance at our annual conference! (read more)

Mid-America Computer Corp

Dear Eric,

BOTH GROUPS ABSOLUTELY LOVED YOU! The employees (including me!) who saw both shows laughed so hard we cried just as much the second time around! Our President is still laughing…

We were looking for good clean fun and you certainly delivered! Because the audience is so diverse, and because we are trying to satisfy the expectations of over 400 people, it has been challenging in the past to find an entertainer who can play to everyone – and with you, it was definitely “Mission Accomplished”!

I just can’t thank you enough for contributing to the success of our conference! We had a blast!


Joelle Kesling
Director, Client Relations