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Eric’s Inspirational Approach to Comedy

If you are looking for an inspirational stand-up comedy show, then you need to check out Eric O’Shea. He provides a hilarious show that is also inspiring. His message of the Three Things for a Rewarding Life has resonated with audiences. You can rest assured that his clean comedy will delight your audience of all ages. Eric has been delighting audiences for over 25 years and consistently receives standing ovations from his fans. Make sure to check out his next show! You will not be disappointed. Here is an excerpt from his book “The Richest Comedian You’ve Never Heard Of”

The Three Things for a Rewarding Life

OK, now to dig even deeper. (But don’t worry, this will all be crystal clear for you and where the good stuff is!) With all the stress we encounter and all the information we process every day, it’s easy to inadvertently fill our minds with self-doubt, anxiety, and confusion about what our purpose is. Although I am not certified as a medical “anything,” after stumbling on some of these mental hurdles myself, I have discovered ways to avoid such problems and live with confidence both in myself and in my purpose. The first part of this is fully embracing the attitude of just letting life happen; that is, allowing life to organically move forward as it will (a basic concept) and accepting it. Now I will share with you what I consider the three key things you can do to have a rewarding life. And please note that I did not say “successful,” which is a societal term. “Rewarding” is much more personal, and that difference is important.

Trust Yourself

You know what you really want to do – so just do it! Your self-confidence is your biggest weapon in this life, and I urge you to become your own best friend. You’ll have to make some very important decisions along the way, and only you can decide which way to go. It’s OK if you don’t have all the answers right away. That is what discovery is all about. But you have to trust that your judgment and feeling are steering you in the right direction. You’ve probably also heard one of my favorite sayings before: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” That nervous feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is actually a good thing, and taking note of when it occurs is key to trusting yourself. When something is both exciting and uncomfortable, you gain wonderful knowledge of who you are and what you want much faster. If you truly listen to your heart, it will never let you down. Trusting yourself is the greatest gift that you will ever give to yourself. No matter what happens in life, no matter what problems arise, minor or major, you can count on yourself to see you through.

Choose Joy, Not Happiness

How do you find happiness? Sadly, you can’t say happiness can never fully be attained. Well, let me ask you something. Have you noticed that every time you work your tail off to achieve something, there is always something else dangling in front of you? It teases, appearing before you as if to say, “Great, you just got that done, but now you have to do this to really be happy.” Like, you just passed that test, but you still have to graduate college to be happy. Then you graduate college and find you need to get a job to really be happy. Then you need to get married and have kids and make lots of money. Add into that the need to get well known and have millions of followers on social media – and the ‘needs’ keep piling up. It’s an unattainable and very harmful vicious cycle. And don’t get me wrong. Although goals are wonderful to have, the anxiety and stress we put on our minds and hearts to keep wanting more and more in order to fully be satisfied and ‘fulfilled,’ I believe, is fool’s gold. Happiness, described this way, is results-oriented. Joy, however, is a different story. (Here you can start to smile) Joy is not about results. It is a personal feeling that comes from within. It comes from you, not what you achieve. Let me ask you this: Is it so hard to way up every morning and just be joyful? I’m not saying that life doesn’t test you, but is it so difficult just to wake up joyful? Every morning, when I put my feet on the floor, I pray and give thanks for the many choices I can make in life. I give thanks because I can walk, see, and hear! I can go left, I can go right. I have people who love me and whom I love so much in return. Please don’t forget the basics! The basics are blessings, and you should count them every day. Do you realize how lucky you are? Some people sadly don’t have nearly as many choices as you do. Revel in your wonderful existence, and when you do this every day, appreciation and joy will appear throughout your life. Trust me, it’s an incredible feeling. “OK, hang on, Eric,” I can hear critics saying. “So what are you saying? You mean don’t try for anything and just be content with what you have?” No! Not at all. Go for it. Do what you want! Be the very best you can be! What I’m saying is this: if you build your life on a foundation of thankfulness and humility (also very important), your life will suddenly seem like one of the most beautiful spectacles ever created.

Share the Love

For years, there were times when I had a one-track mind. The blinders were on, and I was completely focused on being the very best comic I could be, eager to cross the finish line and raise my arms triumphantly in the air. And I got there a few times over. But when I got there, it was kinda lonely, and I felt kinda shallow. I realized that life is not meant to be lived so singularly focused. As we travel onward, we are supposed to help the people who cannot help themselves. So many people need help along the way or to be reminded of the joy that exists in the world. Take someone by the hand and cross the finish line together. This is what it means to be human. This is what it means to make sure someone else gets to enjoy the wonderful blessings of this all-too-quick life. Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed doing something every day to make someone else happy. Sometimes I buy a sandwich for a homeless person and really look them in the eye to show I care. Other times it’s making a CVS clerk laugh, deadpanning that I didn’t like her “questionable service.” (I really did. We’d both crack up) Yes, life is meant to be shared, so find a way to share your blessings with others. Help them discover the wonderful treasure inside themselves. There are many people that need you out there. Don’t be afraid of how amazing you are. So that is the list: trust yourself, choose joy, (not happiness), and share the love. Although I may have painted with a broad brush here, I firmly believe that if you follow these three suggestions, you will be so much better off in a life that often moves way too quickly. And remember what I mentioned in the previous chapter: there are millions of people who have experienced exactly what you have and who have felt just as your do. But you know what? This is your time. I love you, I’m proud of you, I believe in you, and I’m here for you. Now, can you do one last thing for me, before we move on? Just smile. You are exactly where you need to be. Now, get on out there, and make it a rewarding life.
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